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  • MultiversatileZeolite Contribution in order to Sustain Environment

    Chmielewská E.


  • A comprehensive evaluation of sedimentary zeolites from Turkey as pozzolanic addition of cement- and lime-based binders

    Özen S., Göncüoğlu M.C., Liguori B., de Gennaro B., Cappelletti P., Gatta G.D., Iucolano F., Colella C. (2016)


  • New data on Cu‑exchanged phillipsite: a multi‑methodological study

    Gatta G. D., Cappelletti P., de’ Gennaro B., Rotiroti N., Langella A.



  • Phillipsite and Al-tobermorite mineral cements produced through low-temperature water-rock reactions in Roman marine concrete

    Marie D. Jackson, Sean R. Mulcahy, Heng Chen, Yao Li, Qinfei Li, Piergiulio Cappelletti, and Hans-Rudolf Wenk


  • Thermal transformations of (NH4, Cs)-clinoptilolite with compositions in between the end-members

    Guido Cerri, Eleonora Sale, Antonio Brundu



  • Structure investigation of nano-FeO(OH) modified clinoptilolite tuff for antimony removal

    E. Chmielewska, W. Tylus, M. Drabik, J. Majzlan, J. Kravcak, C. Williams, M. Caplovicova, L. Caplovic


  • Evaluation of the surfactant/phillipsite composites as carriers for diclofenac sodium

    Marković, M.,  Daković, A.,  Krajišnik, D.,  Kragović, M.,  Milić, J.,  Langella, A.,  de Gennaro, B.,  Cappelletti, P.,  Mercurio, M.


  • Use of surface modified natural zeolite (SMNZ) in pharmaceutical preparations. Part 2. A new approach for a fast functionalization of zeolite-rich carriers

    de Gennaro, B.,  Mercurio, M.,  Cappelletti, P.,  Catalanotti, L.,  Daković, A.,  De Bonis, A.,  Grifa, C.,  Izzo, F.,  Kraković, M.,  Monetti, V.,  Langella, A.


  • Adsorption of the mycotoxin zearalenone by clinoptilolite and phillipsite zeolites treated with cetylpyridinium surfactant

    Marković, M. ,  Daković, A.,  Rottinghaus, G.E.,  Kragović, M.,  Petković, A.,  Krajišnik, D.,  Milić, J.,  Mercurio, M.,  de Gennaro, B.


  • Thorium(IV) and neptunium(V) uptake from carbonate containing aqueous solutions by HDTMA-modified natural zeolites

    Panagiotis Misaelides, David Fellhauer, Xavier Gaona, Marcus Altmaier, Horst Geckeis

    Journal of Radioanalytical and Nuclear Chemistry (2016),-x


  • Thermal transformation of Cs-clinoptilolite to CsAlSi5O12
    Antonio Brundu, Guido Cerri

    Microporous and Mesoporous Materials, 2015, 208, 44-49


  • Release of lead from Pb-clinoptilolite: managing the fate of an exhausted exchanger
    Antonio Brundu, Guido Cerri
    International Journal of Environmental Science and Technology, 2017, 14(2), 223-232
  • New insights on pressure, temperature, and chemical stability of CsAlSi5O12, a potential host for nuclear waste
    G. Diego Gatta et al.
    Physics and Chemistry of Minerals, 2016, 43(9), 639-647
  • Natural zeolites for pharmaceutical formulations: Preparation and evaluation of a clinoptilolite-based material

    G. Cerri et al.

    Microporous and Mesoporous Materials, 2016, 223, 58-67


  • Thermal Transformation of NH4-Clinoptilolite to Mullite and Silica Polymorphs
    Antonio Brundu, Guido Cerri, Eleonora Sale

    Minerals, 2017, 7(1), 11


  • The effect of digestive activity of pig gastro-intestinal tract on zeolite-rich rocks:

    An in vitro study

    Mercurio M. et al.

    Microporous and Mesoporous Materials

    Volume 225, 1 May 2016, Pages 133–136


  • The combined use of steam-treated bentonites and natural zeolites in the oenological refining process

    M. Mercurio1* et al.

    Mineralogical Magazine, in press


  • Surface modified natural zeolite as a carrier for sustained diclofenac release: A preliminary feasibility study

    de Gennaro, B.a et al.

    Colloids and Surfaces B: Biointerfaces

    Volume 130, June 01, 2015, Pages 101-109


  • Anion exchange selectivity of surfactant modified clinoptilolite-rich tuff for environmental remediation 

    de Gennaro, B.a et al.

    Journal of Colloid and Interface Science

    Volume 430, 15 September 2014, Pages 178-183



  • Use of surface modified natural zeolite (SMNZ) in pharmaceutical preparations Part 1. Mineralogical and technological characterization of some industrial zeolite-rich rocks

    Cappelletti, P.a et al.

  • Chmielewská, E.

    Environmental zeolites and aqueous media. Examples of  practical solutions

    Bentham Science Publishers (Bentham eBooks)

    ISBN: 978-1-60805-933-1, 220 p., 2014


  • P. Cappelletti, P. Petrosino, M. de Gennaro....

    The “Tufo Giallo della Via Tiberina” (Sabatini Volcanic District, Central Italy): a complex system of lithification in a pyroclastic current deposit

    Mineralogy and Petrology


  • Weisenberger, T., Spürgin, S., and Lahaye, Y.

    Hydrothermal alteration and zeolitization of the Fohberg phonolite, Kaiserstuhl Volcanic Complex, Germany
    International Journal of Earth Sciences, v. 103, no. 8, p. 2273-2300. (2014)

  • Bruno de Gennaro; Lilia Catalanotti; Robert S. Bowman, Mariano Mercurio

    Anion exchange selectivity of surfactant modified clinoptilolite-rich tuff for environmental remediation

     2014 Sep 15;430:178-83.

    doi: 10.1016/j.jcis.2014.05.037. Epub 2014 Jun 2


  • Eva Chmielewská, Renata Hodossyová, Marek Bujdoš

    Kinetic and Thermodynamic Studies for Phosphate Removal Using Natural Adsorption Materials

    Pol. J. Environ. Stud. 
    Vol. 22, No. 5 (2013), 1307-1316


  • Eva Chmielewská


      Volume 22 – No 10a. 2013 Fresenius Environmental Bulletin


  • E. Chmielewská

    Natural zeolite—a versatile commodity—some retrospectives in water cleanup processes

     Desalination and Water Treatment  41 (2012) 335–341


  • E. Chmielewská

    An approach to physical characterization of fundamental ion exchange and adsorption behaviours of tuffaceous minerals in aqueous solutions of some environmental pollutants

    J Radioanal Nucl Chem (2013) 298:1023–1029
  • Bucher K. & Weisenberger T.B. (2013)
    Contributions to Mineralogy and Petrology, 166 (5). 1489-1503. doi: 10.1007/s00410-013-0939-5
  • *Book: Water Treatment*

    Chapter 5 : *Natural Zeolites in Water Treatment -- How Effective is Their Use* 

    by Karmen Margeta, Natas?a Zabukovec Logar, Mario S?iljeg and Anamarija Farkas

    DOI: 10.5772/2883



    M. Mercurio, A. Langella, P. Cappelletti, B. de Gennaro, V. Monetti, M. de' Gennaro

    Periodico di Mineralogia (2012), 81, 3, 393-407  

    DOI 10.2451/2012PM0023


  • Masoomeh Kousehlar, Tobias B. Weisenberger, Faramarz Tutti and Hassan Mirnejad

    Fluid control on low-temperature mineral formation in volcanic rocks of Kahrizak, Iran

    Geofluids: DOI: 10.1111/gfl.12001


  • Y. Garcia-Basabe, A. Rabdel Ruiz-Salvador, G. Maurin, L.C. de Menorval, I. Rodriguez-Iznaga, A. Gomez

    Location of extra-framework Co2+, Ni2+, Cu2+ and Zn2+ cations in
    natural and dealuminated clinoptilolite


  • Tobias B. Weisenberger, Meinert Rahn, Roelant van der Lelij, Richard A. Spikings, and Kurt Bucher

    Timing of low-temperature mineral formation during exhumation and cooling in the Central Alps, Switzerland

    Earth and Planetary Science Letters, Volume 327-328, 1-8, April 2012


  • Mineralogical study of zeolite from new Mexican deposits

    (Cuitzeo area, Michoacan, Mexico)

    Ostrooumov, M. , Cappelletti, P., de'Gennaro, R.

    Applied Clay ScienceVolume 55, 2012, 27–35

    doi 10.1016/j.clay.2011.09.011


  • Removal of lead from aqueous solutions by using the natural and Fe(III)-modified zeolite

    M. Kragovic, A. Dakovic, Z. Sekulic, M. Trgo, M. Ugrina, J. Peric, G. D. Gatta

    Applied Surface Science 258 (2012) 3667– 3673


  • Properties of diclofenac sodium sorption onto natural zeolite modified with cetylpyridinium chloride

    D. Krajisnik, A. Dakovic, M. Milojevic, A. Malenovic, M. Kragovi´cb, D. B. Bogdanovic, V. Dondurc, J. Milic

    Colloids and Surfaces B: Biointerfaces 83 (2011) 165–172


  • Influence of natural zeolitic tuff and organozeolites surface charge on sorption of ionizable fumonisin B1

    A. Dakovic, M. Kragovic, G. E. Rottinghaus, Z. Sekulic, S. Milicevic, S. K. Milonjic, S. Zaric

    Colloids and Surfaces B: Biointerfaces 76 (2010) 272–278


  • The masquerade of alkaline–carbonatitic tuffs by zeolites: a new global pathfinder hypothesis

    L. S. Campbell & A. Dyer & C. Williams & P. R. Lythgoe

    # Springer-Verlag 2011

    DOI 10.1007/s00126-011-0394-z



    V. A. Nikashina, A. N. Streletsky, I. V. Kolbanev, I. N. Meshkova, V. G. Grinev, I. B. Serova, T. S. Yusupov, and L. G. Shumskaya
    Published online 14 July 2011 
    Clay Minerals 2011 46: 329-337



    C. Colella

    Published online 17 June 2011 
    Clay Minerals 2011 46: 295-309



    E. Grilli, A. Colella, E. Coppola, A. Langella, and A. Buondonno

    Published online 14 July 2011 
    Clay Minerals 2011 46: 311-327


  •  G. Kirov, E. Samajova, R. Nedialkov, and TS. Stanimirova
    Published online 17 June 2011 
    Clay Minerals 2011 46: 279-294



    G. F. Capra, A. Buondonno, E. Coppola, M. G. Duras, S. Vacca, and C. Colella
    Published online 17 June 2011 
    Clay Minerals 2011 46: 261-278




    N. Petrova, L. Filizova, and G. Kirov

    Published online 3 June 2011 
    Clay Minerals 2011 46: 251-259



    V. A. Nikashina, I. B. Serova, E. M. Kats, N. A. Tikhonov, M. G. Tokmachev, and P. G. Novgorodov

    Published online 3 June 2011 

    Clay Minerals 2011 46: 233-240


  • S. Kowalak and A. Zywert

    Published online 13 May 2011 
    Clay Minerals 2011 46: 197-204


  • S. Kowalak and A. Jankowska

    Published online 13 May 2011 
    Clay Minerals 2011 46: 189-195


  •  E. Tzamos, N. Kantiranis, G. Papastergios, D. Vogiatzis, A. Filippidis, and C. Sikalidis
    Published online 13 May 2011 
    Clay Minerals 2011 46: 179-187


  • Insighits into cation exchange selectivity of a nat

    Gerardo Rodríguez-Fuentes, Sabine Devautour-Vinot, Sekou Diaby and François Henn

    Phys Chem Minerals

    DOI 10.1007/s00269-011-0433-4


Restricted Area

Sources of Natural Zeolite


Ward's Natural Science Source of a variety of mineral standards and teaching aids.

The Clay Minerals Society maintains a Source Clay Repository containing two series of materials, the Source Clays and the Special Clays. The list of available clays is posted at the Clay Minerals Society web site.

Minerals Research, probably the best source of natural zeolites, including a variety of clay and zeolite hand and reference samples and tetrahedral models of zeolites, unfortunately is no longer in business. Fred Mumpton will be missed by all.

In addition to the above sources, many companies that mine and/or sell natural zeolites are listed below. Please email INZA Webmaster to request inclusion to or removal from this list. In general, only companies that mine or market bulk quantities of natural zeolite will be listed. The listing of these companies does not imply endorsement by INZA.

Abzorb All High Performance Hazmat Absorbent (Laumontite)

Agricola Metals Corporation Importing clinoptilolite from Turkey

Apostolico e Tanagro Chabazite and Phillipsite from Campania region, Southern Italy

Bear River Zeolite Company Clinoptilolite (IDAHO, USA)

Beijing Guotoushengshi Science and Technology Co. Ltd Zeolites from China

Blue Pacific Minerals (out of Matamata, New Zealand)

Castle Mountain Zeolites Clinoptilolite from Australia

GRUPO COYPUS Clinoptilolite from MEXICO

GSA Resources, Inc. Bulk zeolite and assorted zeolite products

Incal Mineral Clinoptilolite from Turkey

Italiana Zeoliti Zeolites from Italy

Pratley Vulture Creek Clinoptilolite (out of South Africa)

Rota Mining Corporation (Turkey - Clinoptilolite Producer)

S&B Industrial Minerals S.A. (clinoptilolite from Bulgaria)

Saile Industries Philippine Zeolite producer (Mordenite)

SOMEZ Zeolites from France

St. Cloud Mining Company Clinoptilolite from Truth or Consequences, New Mexico, USA

Steelhead Specialty Minerals Producer of natural zeolites for consumer and industrial use

Teague Mineral Products Clinoptilolite from Succor Creek area of Malheur County, Oregon, and the Sheaville District of Owyhee County, Idaho

VSK PRO - ZEO s.r.o. Producer of natural zeolite in Slovakia

ZEO, INC. Natural zeolite products and technology

ZeoCat Soluciones Ecologicas S.L.U. Zeolites from Spain and Portugal

Zeocel Zeolites from Portugal

Zeocem a.s. Zeolites from Slovakia

Zeolita Zeolites from Argentina

Zeolite Australia LTD (out of Australia)

Zeolite Pro CJSC Zeolites from Armenia

Zeolites Production Zeolites from Romania

Zeolite Products Bulk clinoptilolite and products from The Netherlands

Zeosorb LLC Chabazite from Bowie, Arizona, USA

Zeotech Corporation Innovative products from natural zeolite minerals

ZeoponiX Develops, manufactures, and markets commercial applications of natural zeolite minerals

ZMM® Canada Minerals Corp. Producer of Zeolite Products and Solutions

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