Environmental zeolites and aqueous media. Examples of practical solutions

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Chmielewská, E.

Environmental zeolites and aqueous media. Examples of  practical solutions

Bentham Science Publishers (Bentham eBooks)

ISBN: 978-1-60805-933-1, 220 p., 2014





The natural zeolites are an abundant resource, available as a relatively cheap commodity mined in many countries covering all the continents of the world.

They have the unique ability to act as selective cation-exchangers and ad/absorbents to remediate aqueous effluents, such as nuclear, mining and tannery waste waters, and agricultural run-off. Additionally they can be surface modified to act as anion exchangers and to remove organic contaminants.

There is a vast literature covering these areas and this e-book is the first to present a comprehensive account of this important area of environmental science and technology.

The author draws on her own extensive studies supported by elucidations of the underlying theory to ion exchange and adsorption which are comprehensive. The subject is introduced by detailed considerations of natural zeolite diagenesis and the crystal structures of relevant minerals and later complimented by descriptions of their characterisation.

Attention is paid to the methods of surface modification available, with details of their syntheses.

The book will be a vital resource to the many workers in environmental clean-up throughout the world and is eminently suited to be an introductory text to students and workers commencing work in this significant area.

Professor Alan Dyer, 2014.

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